Introduction au CSS 3

CSS, the language that complements HTML to design a web page. The overall structure of the file is in the shape of classes, these are called from the names (id=”” or class=””) defined in your HTML. Prerequisites Pre-requisites in HTML will be useful for understanding CSS. However, you can learn more from the examples below. …

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Introduction to HTML 5

Many of you have probably heard of it, HTML is a semantic language that allows you to structure and display data on a web page. The structure and type of tags you use will influence the output on your browser. These files are usually retrieved by your server, however, you can also easily emulate them …

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Deploy your website online

Once you are able to develop your website locally, the next step is to deploy it on the web. The following information will give you the basic knowledge to get your website online. Prerequisites Install Filezilla (or any FTP file transfer software), which will allow you to transfer your files to your server. Create a …

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