Freeze, an environment installation concept

Freeze is an art installation concept prepared in the frame of the numeric creation master. The goal here was to find an idea that will be pitched and so with visual items that will help the audience to understand the artwork.

The principles for this creation was to build various interactive spheres placed around public spaces in a city. Those spheres would have a miniature iceberg in it that would slowly melt if people don’t put the hand on the glass. If people touch it, an LED system with captors would turn the sphere to an ice cold color. It would then be intended that a refrigerating mechanism would drop the temperature down in the sphere. On the other hand, if nobody touches it, the heat inside will be calculated based on the CO2 emissions in the city.

The message here is to raise awareness of ecology, but more profoundly by having them act on an energy transfer. There is a form of paradox here because human heat creates cold, all this to show that with human energy placed in the right place and the more people we are, positive actions can be carried out on our planet.

Here attached you will find representations on how the installation was intended to work and the presentation pdf.