Unit’, debate and opinion sharing website

Unit’ is an application developed within the context of a study project to finalise my master. The main the goal here was to create a digital product and apply a vibrating topic that people are interested about. I decided to create a platform where people could vote and give their opinion on any possible topics. …

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Unstable lines

Program made with Processing (JAVA) in order to materialise a psychedelic interactive motions. The user has the possibility to create a completely unique animation from different keys on the keyboard. You will find below a video demonstration of the program so that you can visualise the project.

Stick it

As part of my degree, the “Stick it” project was aiming to combine art, technology and human interaction. The medium on which we had to develop our installation was the Kinect and Processing. OpenSource libraries exist and can be installed on Processing in order to access the information coming from the Kinect infrared camera. From …

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Three little pigs adapted story

Futuristic re-adaptation of the three little pigs tale, made during my bachelor in multimedia creation. This project was designed by Yohann Caillon and myself. The graphic elements were drawn on Illustrator and all the animation with AfterEffect. In addition, the sound effects were entirely recorded in house, in order to correspond as well as possible …

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Pacman system

Short animation produced in the frame of my bachelor in multimedia and numeric creations. This video made in AfterEffect is mixing animation of shapes, pictures and masks in a universe where Pacman is the god of destruction.

Mutant fish

Small animation produced during my studies around the theme of horror and suspens. All created in Adobe AfterEffect, this short scene represent a calm water where small mutant fishes (inspired from the Simpsons) swim peacefully, but suddenly …


The Ezance blog is a study project carried out within the framework of the master’s degree in digital creations. The subject was to design a blog on technological protheses. With three of my classmates, we selected a set of objects, artistic installations, technological novelties that allow humans to be more human or more than human. …

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