Emailing campaigns at Skoove

Like every companies working in a business to customer sector, it is a commun practice to regularly create emailing campaign to market your product. The campaign at Skoove were following a certain agenda that we were repeating every years. Here is the list of events that we were the opportunity to include our claim at that time:

  • Christmas
  • New year resolutions
  • Black Friday
  • Summer/Winter sales
  • Easter
  • World music day
  • Spring sales
  • October
  • and others…

As you can see, those are following real life events that people can relay to. In the example below, you will see all the email banners that I have been creating to illustrate those yearly moments. But first, before seeing the sample of banners, here is the overall template that I fully developed in HTML/CSS. The top part of this email is a clickable picture that is customised depending on the campaign purpose.