Appstore screenshots productions for Skoove

Over the years of experience at Skoove, I had the opportunity to create numerous assets to illustrate the application through the Appstore. The main goals of these being the following: Engage the user on what the app does, can bring them, at the same time, transmitting the guidelines to create an appealing and consistent brand identity.

Following along this article, you will see different boards per year, in addition to some evolutions into the visuals and content strategy. Be aware that all of the assets you will see here have been published on the store in 8 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese traditional and simplified).


iPhone X portrait orientation


iPhone X landscape orientation

iPad portrait orientation


iPhone X landscape orientation with the new Skoove brand identity


iPhone X portrait orientation with the new brand and more messaging


iPhone X portrait orientationwith the new brand where each screenshots form a panoramic view