Social medias video posts and ads for Skoove

In the digital marketing, one of the common way to advertise an application is to create short video snippets that are used to promote your brand. At Skoove we applied that same method by highlighting the benefits of learning the piano, our content, the trainer and motivational claims. Instagram branding with quote posts and video …

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Three little pigs adapted story

Futuristic re-adaptation of the three little pigs tale, made during my bachelor in multimedia creation. This project was designed by Yohann Caillon and myself. The graphic elements were drawn on Illustrator and all the animation with AfterEffect. In addition, the sound effects were entirely recorded in house, in order to correspond as well as possible …

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Stephane Roux Teaser video

In a similar way than Sebastien Barrio, Stephane Roux got in contact with me when I was working for “La Room Studio” and was interested to create a mashup video showcasing his best actor moments in cinema.

Pacman system

Short animation produced in the frame of my bachelor in multimedia and numeric creations. This video made in AfterEffect is mixing animation of shapes, pictures and masks in a universe where Pacman is the god of destruction.

Mutant fish

Small animation produced during my studies around the theme of horror and suspens. All created in Adobe AfterEffect, this short scene represent a calm water where small mutant fishes (inspired from the Simpsons) swim peacefully, but suddenly …